State of Decay Version +18 Trainer

This is a helpful +18 trainer for open world zombie survival horror game State of Decay. MaxTre released this trainer, for version of the game. You get some cool in-game cheats like: infinite silencer, indestructable item, infinite morale, maximum slots backpack, and other.


Trainer features:

Home Key – Activate Trainer
F1 – Infinite Health
F2 – Infinite Stamina
F3 – Infinite Ammo
F4 – Infinite Silencer
F5 – Indestructable Weapon
F6 – Indestructable Item
F7 – Max Accuracy
F8 – No Recoil
F9 – Fast Looting
F10 – Instant Cooldown Radio
F11 – Infinite Resource
F12 – Infinite Morale
Num 1 – Focus Shot/Ninja
Num 2 – Full Health All Friends
Num 3 – Infinite Item Slot 1
Num 4 – Infinite Item Slot 2
Num 5 – Spawn Item Slot 3
Num 6 – Maximum Slots Backpack


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