StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Version +19 Trainer

Here is a +19 trainer update for real-time strategy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It’s released by iNvIcTUs oRCuS, for version of the game. Players get to use whole bunch of cool cheats like: reveal complete map, instant build buildings, no unit limit, increase mission timer, and other.


Trainer features:

Num 0 – Add 10.000 Crystals
Num 1 – Add 10.000 Vespine
Num 2 – No Unit Limit
Num 3 – Unlimited Credits
Num 4 – Instant Build Units/Upgrades
Num 5 – Instant Build Buildings
Num 6 – Instant Health Units/Buildings
Num 7 – Unlimited Units Energy
Num 8 – Unlimited Mercenaries
Num 9 – No Cooldown (Mercenaries)
Num * – Reveal Complete Map
Num + – Max Protoss Research Points
Num – – Max Zerg Research Points
Shift+Num * – Set Mission Timer To 00:00
Shift+Num – – Decrease Mission Timer
Shift+Num + – Increase Mission Timer
F1 – Enable ”Lost Viking Cheats”
F2 – Unlimited Lifes
F3 – Unlimited Bombs
F4 – Get 99.999.999 Points


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  1. Paris

    i haven’t seen a trainer this involved in forever – tops mate

  2. Alexander

    Rad trainer

  3. Jerome

    Dying so much set me back on this game, ready to get at it hard with this amazing trainer

  4. Rubin

    You don’t see building cheats that much, so that’s unique and one reason to download it right there!

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