Age of Wanders III Version 1.0 Steam +13 Trainer

+13 trainer for turn-based strategy game Age of Wanders III. This trainers is created by LinGon, for 1.0 Steam version of the game. Players get to use some really cool cheats like: set knowledge points, add resistance, add experience, infinite unit health, and other.

Trainer features:

Home Key – Enable Trainer
F4 – Add Defense
F5 – Add Resistance
F6 – Add Experience by 100
F7 – Infinite Upgrade Points
F8 – Add Gold by 10.000
F9 – Add Mana by 1.000
F10 – Set Knowledge Points
F11 – Set Casting Points
Number 9 – Infinite Unit Health
Number 0 – Infinite Unit Moves/Points
Page Up – Set Pure Good
Page Down – Set Pure Evil
End Key – Set Neutral


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