Sims 4 Pack Romantic Garden Stuff Out Now and Free DLC

Love is in the air for the popular life simulation game The Sims, now in its fourth installment. Sims 4 just had a new expansion pack (or “stuff pack”) released and it seems designed to put gamers or their Sims in the mood for love. The Romantic Garden Stuff pack was released last week from EA and Maxis Games, and contains all kinds of romantic DLC for you to enjoy.

Of course, as most Simmers know, the pack doesn’t come free, unlike other DLC, but it does offer a wide assortment of things to enhance your game, and is only $9.99 at Amazon. Buying it will give you an instant code. You can also purchase the game at Origin.

Let’s get into what the Sims stuff pack contains this round, first with the official sales copy:

Build a lush Victorian garden for your Sims to embrace romance and discover a bit of mystery with The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff*. Visit the wishing well to see if your Sims’ deepest desires become reality or dress them in floral fashion to share a playful moment by the water fountain.”

Now let’s take a look at the actual things in the Sims 4 pack! There are 19 new CAS items and 32 new build items included in Romantic Garden Stuff.


Whispering Wishing Well – One Simoleon is needed for a wish. Sims can now wish for nine things: wealth, a child, youth, love, happiness and more. The Well will decide your Sims’ fate though, so be wary, because it’s temperamental. Your Sims may get a “bad romance,” which isn’t very fun! Reports say there are 50 results that can come from a wish.

Fountain of Gluteus Maximus – Let your Sims have fun in the fountain! There’s some new actions here, like your Sims are now able to throw soap in the fountain or sit in it. Both child and adult Sims are able to play in the fountain, which makes gameplay a bit more fun.

Outfits and Hair – There’s a new batch of outfits as well and hairstyles.

Garden – True to the Sims 4 pack’s name, the new installment comes with plenty of garden stuff. You’ll find the Victorian garden theme throughout the options, with plants, flowers and more.

Once you have the new Sims 4 pack, you can upload images of your own creation in the official Sims 4 gallery. There’s already some great user contributions.

Fun fact! This pack is also to celebrate the 16th anniversary of The Sims! So to note that event, the official The Sims website is giving away some new DLC. They chose items that were representative of the the base games. The DLC are as follows:

  • A Tragic clown painting which includes a “Tragic Clown” Moodlet (The Sims)
  • Grilled cheese aspiration (The Sims 2)
  • Kleptomaniac trait (The Sims 3)
  • NPC character: The Gardener

For long time fans of the game franchise, these new Sims 4 expansions are probably great additions, and best of all, they’re FREE.

You can access these updates now by updating your game.

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  1. Sims 4 expansion the only thing for me on Valentine’s Day.

  2. nice free expansion as per usual

  3. I bought it at origins. I love Sims.

  4. Fisher

    16 years? That’s so old. I’m so glad that they keep releasing new ones. The fountain is pretty cool but I’m also ready for a college pack.

  5. Dani


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