Omerta: City of Gangsters Version +7 Trainer

This is a +7 trainer for turn-based simulation game Omerta: City of Gangsters. This trainer is released by h4x0r, for version of the game. Cheats you get are very helpful: massive dirty money, massive clean money, add beers and max storage, add liquor, add firearms, super feared, super liked. To use this trainer you must have SiCheats username and password.

Trainer features:

Insert – Enable Trainer
Num 1 – Massive Dirty Money
Num 2 – Massive Clean Money
Num 3 – Add 250 Beers and 9999 Max Storage
Num 4 – Add 1000 Liquor
Num 5 – Add 1000 Firearms
Num 6 – Super Feared
Num 7 – Super Liked


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  1. salonpas

    How to use this trainer? There’s login part, and wtf is that?

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