$2,500 Will Buy Every Song in the Rock Band 4 DLC Library

Love the video game franchise Rock Band and are dying to get a PC version? You’ve now got a chance to expand your Rock Band DLC, specifically the Rock Band songs you can jam to for a whopping $2,500. The offer comes from the fan-funded campaign launched by the game series developer Harmonix. The reward is a special tier and will let you enjoy every single song in the Rock Band DLC collection. The offer is currently only available for PC, but the developer says they’re considering expanding the offer to other console owners. The campaign is now available on Fig, and is for the final goal of $1,500,000.


The offer has been made because the new PC version of Rock Band will not carry over the console versions, so Harmonix has made their library available instead. The exact song count hasn’t been made available yet, but the song count is somewhere near the 2,000’s. The Rock Band DLC songs are currently sold for $1.99 each, so this is a significant discount if you were to buy them individually.

What are the songs that will come in this massive library?  Well that information hasn’t been made available yet, but the library will include the Rock Band releases for this year. They don’t want to announce any of the songs that are to come unless that information changes, but they maintain their track record is solid. You’ll probably have that information once an official ship date for Rock Band 4 for PC has been announced.  Rock Band 4 came out in October 2015 for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and the PC version is eagerly awaited.

Here’s how Harmonix explains the offer.

The entire library of DLC for Rock Band 4 PC! Yep, that’s right… back us at this tier, and not only will you receive the full game and all the other cool stuff in the Opening Act tier, but also the entire library of DLC* for Rock Band 4 PC! That’s right, when the game launches, you will have an expansive collection readily available, via this single convenient pledge!

The $2,500 bundle also includes the following: 

Official in-game credit

Rock Band 4 t-shirt

Exclusive developer chat

The full PC game, with early access and 30 extra songs

Limited Edition Rock Band Swag Pack

A City Sleeps – the full game and soundtrack

Best of Indies playable tracks

Access to comments and discounted add-ons

It may seem like a crazy amount but at press time, there were 5 backers who had pledged $2,500 for the offer, so maybe it’s not so crazy after all. Either way, there’s going to be some happy Rock Band fans. The library will include every song since the debut of Rock Band in 2007, so over 9 years of music! At least you’ll never get bored with the same old songs! Genres represented include pop, classic rock (The Who), metal (System of a Down, Megadeth), Pop-rock (No Doubt), alternative (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and more so it’s not like it will be a bunch of unknown artists, rest assured. Rock on! 



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