XCOM 2 Patch Arrives for Some Game Issues

XCOM 2 recently received a new game patch that may affect some of the issues you can experience while playing the game. While the XCOM 2 patch doesn’t fix every issue, it will certainly make your gaming a bit easier as developers rush to fix other problems. XCOM 2 released February 5 and has been seen its share of bad press as gaming journalists point out the game’s performance flaws.

  • Player is unable to progress to scan in the Geoscape after completing the Resistance Communications research via Tutorial – This will fix previously affected saves.
  • Unable to load saves with a Chryssalid Cocoon – This will fix the issue, and for previously affected saves.
  • Adjustments were made to Texture Streaming to assist with periodic frame spikes.
  • Using the preview voice button for a modded voice pack will no longer crash the game when in the armory.
  • Removed 8x MSAA from default Max settings.

While the new patch may help some, other issues still exist. GameSpot reported earlier today that the deveoper is working furiouly on the performance issues.


One of the common problems for XCOM 2 is the game’s low loadrate, but some players on message boards and at Steam have discovered a few quick fixes

  • Turning off anti-aliasing in game
  • Turning the Ambient Occlusion down or off
  • Turning off Screen Space Graphics
  • Turn off V-Sync and Framerate Smoothing
  • Turn on adaptive/dynamic V-sync in your graphics card drivers
  • Hit Capslock in post-mission screens

If these fixes don’t work, there are also two game mods that can help with fixing XCOM 2 issues.


This will speed up your game by eliminating some of the smaller time-taking actions that may occur, including the list below. It was shared on Steam community by BlueRaja, and contains the following fixes:

  • Removed 1-3 sec pause after shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc.
  • Removed 1 sec pause after getting a kill
  • Removed 2.75 sec pause after going into cover
  • Reduced pauses from reanimating corpses and unburrowing chryssalids by 80%
  • Removed unskippable Bradford voiceovers:
    • 1, 3, and 6 turns remaining warnings
    • Civilians dying warning
  • Reduced revealed enemies cinematic time
  • Increased Gremlin movement speed by 150%
  • Increased unit movement speed by ~10% (Lowered by popular demand – can be reduced back to normal under Options –> Gameplay –> Unit Movement Speed)
  • Removed 33% slowdown of enemies not being attacked during overwatch slowmo (enemies being attacked are unaffected)
  • Increased the speed of the Avenger on the global map
  • Reduced the fade-in time of the horrendously slow color picker



Shaska shared this mod on Steam as well, making it possible to disable timers.

  • Disables the mission timer in most non-story missions. Notable exceptions are UFO and terror missions.
  • Doesn’t disable achievements.


The developer team looks to be fixing all of the problems you may have with playing XCOM 2 soon, so the best advice is to try the fixes we shared here, and be patient. Comment if you have your own fix!

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  1. 0010

    thank god it will speed up the game.

  2. the Steam thread on this is most helpful. i’m glad to get these workarounds.

  3. The developer should work a little faster, no? Still, happy to have some patches and fixes too

  4. Way too flawed to release. what an embarrassment.

  5. I got some improvement from the suggestions on the Steam board but only on load rate. Still can’t progress to scan in Geoscape. They better fix this.

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