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Become a Famous YouTuber in New Game “YouTubers Life”

There’s a new life simulation game and its content may surprise you! The game, entitled YouTubers Life, is actually about Youtubers. In the game, you try to become the world’s most famous and greatest video blogger by doing tasks related to the craft of YouTube videos. The game launched on May 18, 2016, and here’s what you need to know. Plus we’ll also share some notable Steam game demos.

Is Youtubers Life complete and ready to play?

The game is currently in Early Access mode on Steam, for PC and Mac systems. It’s not a complete copy of the game, and is still in development, with the developers receiving feedback from players to fine-tune the game.

What do you do in YouTubers Life?

You need to make videos in YouTubers Life, just as if you were a real YouTuber! You have to make your own videos, creating them in your childhood bedroom, then sharing them with the world. After an edit, of course. As your videos’ views climb, you will become more famous in the YouTube world and might even have fans.


You’ll also have to take care of your avatar/character in terms of feeding them, sleep cycles, studying, etc. It’s a hybrid of Sims and tycoon games, with the following abilities/tasks:

  • Customize your character
  • Youtube channels: Permainan, Cooking, Music and many more!
  • Edit videos
  • Make money with your videos
  • Manage your production studio
  • Hang out with your friends, go to parties and assist industry events
  • Search for love interests
  • Answer your fans in the social networks
  • Create your own creators network
  • Move to a new house, an office or even a mansion
  • Decorate your place

How much is YouTubers Life?

The game is currently $14.99 on Steam Early Access.

Now that you know about YouTubers Life, you might want to play a Steam demo of another simulator. This one is called Life is Hard and the demo is now free. It’s a 2D real-time strategy game where you want to create and evolve a village, and defend it.

Other notable Steam demos include the game Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure. The demo is for the point and click adventure about Bjorn Thonen, who is robbed one day. Anda (and him) will solve the mystery going through the levels, each offering high levels of interactivity. The game will be 8 kepada 12 hours long, and the demo is the best way to test the game before it releases in full on May 31, 2016.

Another Steam demo to try is Eclipse: Defending the Motherland. It’s a first-person shooter sci-fi game with thousands of monsters to outrun. If you like endless leves, then it’s perfect for you to play. It even offers your VR support.

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Five Games to Play on Oculus Rift Right Now

The reviews are mostly in and they are generally really positive. But the only way to really figure out if the Oculus Rift is a hit is for people to start gaming with it. Those of you who want to start with Oculus Rift need to make sure your PC or gaming device has the graphic device to withstand the boundary-breaking needs that virtual reality demands. With that said, let’s take a look at the best Oculus Rift games on the market right now.

Pinball FX2


No, this is not a joke. Walau bagaimanapun, I did think it would be amusing to suggest that you use the very evolved Oculus Rift to play a game grounded in early 20th century technology. The obvious question – why would you want to do this – is answered pretty quickly. It makes you feel as if you are simultaneously living in 1950 and in 2020. You enter a beachside room filled with classic pinball games. You can use your Xbox One controller to play either Epic Quest, Secrets of the Deep or Mars. The result is satisfying. You look over at the gorgeous view from the window and feel just like you’re inside of a super-hip arcade.



Darknet is an old VR game and this is truly its best effort since the technology has caught up with the game. Darknet asks you to go get data nodes by solving clever puzzles. Using the information you glean, you must design an entire computer system before the Man catches up with you. The Oculus Rift version is much better than the Gear VR version, partly due to the Rift’s positional tracking camera.



Adrift is a gorgeous showcase for VR. The first-person narrative game drops you in the middle of a downed space station, where you will struggle to deal with the zero-sum game of zero gravity. Any little movement one way or the other can destroy you, destroy your ship or make you a hero. Oh and don’t forget to keep a close eye on your oxygen tank. It will also be released in non-VR versions.

EVE: Valkyrie


One of the games that comes pre-packaged with Oculus Rift is EVE: Valkyrie, a dogfighter space sim that would certainly be worth a buy all on its own. Valkyrie was developed exclusively for VR, and it shows in the game play, as you easily move your head to pan all the way around the cockpit windows while manning a bunch of guns. This experience could easily lead to a revival of the fight-sim genre.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party game you should play with other people. The concept is: you are stuck in a room with a bomb which you do not know how to defuse. As the seconds tick down, there is only one place you can turn for help: to another person in the room who is NOT wearing a VR headset, who needs to read an instruction manual to help you out. This game is fun and requires a good deal of brain power. You’ll be amazed how different it feels to play this kind of game when you think you are actually inside a bomb-rigged room, trying not to die.

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$2,500 Will Buy Every Song in the Rock Band 4 DLC Library

Love the video game franchise Rock Band and are dying to get a PC version? You’ve now got a chance to expand your Rock Band DLC, specifically the Rock Band songs you can jam to for a whopping $2,500. The offer comes from the fan-funded campaign launched by the game series developer Harmonix. The reward is a special tier and will let you enjoy every single song in the Rock Band DLC collection. The offer is currently only available for PC, but the developer says they’re considering expanding the offer to other console owners. Yang campaign is now available on Fig, and is for the final goal of $1,500,000.


The offer has been made because the new PC version of Rock Band will not carry over the console versions, so Harmonix has made their library available instead. The exact song count hasn’t been made available yet, but the song count is somewhere near the 2,000’s. The Rock Band DLC songs are currently sold for $1.99 each, so this is a significant discount if you were to buy them individually.

What are the songs that will come in this massive library? Well that information hasn’t been made available yet, but the library will include the Rock Band releases for this year. They don’t want to announce any of the songs that are to come unless that information changes, but they maintain their track record is solid. You’ll probably have that information once an official ship date for Rock Band 4 for PC has been announced. Rock Band 4 came out in October 2015 for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and the PC version is eagerly awaited.

Here’s how Harmonix explains the offer.

The entire library of DLC for Rock Band 4 PC! Yep, that’s rightback us at this tier, and not only will you receive the full game and all the other cool stuff in the Opening Act tier, but also the entire library of DLC* for Rock Band 4 PC! That’s right, when the game launches, you will have an expansive collection readily available, via this single convenient pledge!

Yang $2,500 bundle also includes the following:

Official in-game credit

Rock Band 4 t-shirt

Exclusive developer chat

The full PC game, with early access and 30 extra songs

Limited Edition Rock Band Swag Pack

A City Sleepsthe full game and soundtrack

Best of Indies playable tracks

Access to comments and discounted add-ons

It may seem like a crazy amount but at press time, there were 5 backers who had pledged $2,500 for the offer, so maybe it’s not so crazy after all. Either way, there’s going to be some happy Rock Band fans. The library will include every song since the debut of Rock Band in 2007, so over 9 years of music! At least you’ll never get bored with the same old songs! Genres represented include pop, classic rock (The Who), metal (System of a Down, Megadeth), Pop-rock (No Doubt), alternative (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and more so it’s not like it will be a bunch of unknown artists, rest assured. Rock on!



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Long-Awaited RollerCoaster Tycoon World Launches..Only in Early Access

In the late 1990’s, the business simulation ortycoongame type flourished. These games were a chance to play entrepreneur, running every kid’s dream, which usually was an amusement park or zoo. RollerCoaster Tycoon has been around since 1999 arriving on PC then Xbox. The point of the game is deceptively simple: Build a successful amusement park, including attractions, concessions and conveniences, such as bathrooms, kiosk and more. Players must also consider the varying personalities of customers and choose a wide variety of rides that can attract a variety of guests, and carefully plan the theme park for maximum happiness. the original release of the game was very successful, with it ranking as the third bestselling PC game in 1999 in August, and several expansion packs followed.

A new iteration of the game entitled RollerCoaster Tycoon World is coming, and will soon be available in Early Access on Steam March 30, 2016.


What can you find in RCTW? Aside from the promised best 3D ride editor ever and advanced physics calculations, Atari has shared the following details about the upcoming release of RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

  • An innovative coaster builder, combining freeform and piece-by-piece options for ultimate control
  • Freeform object placement, allowing you to put every in-game object exactly where you want it
  • Curved paths in a variety of widths and styles, bringing your park previously unheard of flexibility in layout
  • A fully integrated Steam UGC system, giving you the freedom to create any object you want and import it DIRECTLY into the game
  • A fully deformable terrain and water effects to change your park’s landscape quickly and easily
  • Steam workshop support, to share content and utilize the creative power of the community
  • Steam social integration and park sharing to stay connected with your fellow Tycoons from around the world
  • Campaign mode
  • An initial set of Scenarios (the original game came equipped with 22)
  • The Sandbox mode
  • 10 different types of coasters (all complete with ride cams)
  • Over 30 different flat rides
  • Tons of scenery Items to populate your parks
  • 4 different themes (sci-fi, pengembaraan, generic, and western)
  • Multiple maps
  • Park management tools including heat maps, tips and more

Like any popular game franchise, RollerCoaster Tycoon World will include the popular free updates, with Atari sharing this early list:

  • Piece-by-Piece Custom Built Structures
  • A Scenario Editor
  • Mini-rides and Dark Rides
  • Additional scenarios
  • Transport Rides
  • Fence Builder
  • New and expanded decoration themes
  • Additional Flat-rides
  • Weather
  • Custom music
  • New Rollercoaster types

Social aspects have also been integrated into the game as well, with the ability to visit a friend’s park with the click of the mouse, or view Steam friendsstats and comparisons. It’s a new way to play an old favorite.

It’s been a long time coming for the game’s release. RollerCoaster Tycoon World was first announced in 2014, and was originally slated to be released in 2015, but feedback from beta games led Atari to delay the release and refine the game. Atari will offer refunds for anyone who wants them until March 31, 2016 for copies pre-ordered through or RollerCoaster Tycoon World will be available for Windows PC, Linux and Mac OS. A regular and deluxe version is available.

Head over to the game’s Steam page for more information and to purchase.



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PlayStation VR Gets a Release Date and All PS4 Games Will Be Playable!

It’s been more than two years since we first started hearing about the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. During that span, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift and Mark Zuckerberg began talking about Oculus Rift as the future of Facebook and the internet itself. All through this waiting period, we didn’t even have a good look at this next-generation virtual reality in the gaming context.

That is finally set to change, as Sony has set a release date for its next biggest thing, the PlayStation VR. Sony held an event on March 15, when it made several announcements about the VR projects. PlayStation VR will be released in October 2016 and will begin at $338 US. The console will render virtual screen equivalent to five meters and play movies and 360 degree photos.


Sony is developing many different bespoke virtual reality games, but the PSVR system software will render all standard PS4 games playable within the VR headset too. That doesn’t mean all games will be rendered in VR of course, but they will be playable on what will be the same as a flat screen within a virtual space headset. That means the PSVR is a viable second screen option.

Sony explained thatUsers can enjoy content on a virtual screen up to 225 inches (5 meters in width) at a distance of 2.5 meters.

Living up to the promise of VR, users can also view movies within this virtual space too. Other PS4 features, like Share Play and Live from PlayStation, will also be compatible within the headset. According to Sony, “Users will also be able to enjoy 360 degrees photos and videos that are captured by devices such as omnidirectional cameras on PS VR via PS4 Media Player, which will let them feel as if they are physically inside the captured scene.

Sony says it has more than 230 developers working to develop original VR games to supportPlayStation VR. At least 160 projects are already in development. So far the following games have been announced for PSVR:

Star Wars Battlefront

Eagle Flight

EVE: Valkyrie

PlayStation VR Worlds


Tumble VR

Rez Infinite

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Wayward Sky

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

The PSVR will release in October 2016 in Australia, Europe and the UK as well as America. It will cost you €399 in Europe, £349 in the United Kingdom, $549.95 in Australia, and ¥44,980 in Japan. Please note that the base PSVR package doesn’t include Move controllers or the PlayStation Camera. The controllers retail for about $40/£40, while the PlayStation Camera will set you back $50/£40.

Its main competitor, the Oculus Rift, is pricier at $600 to start. Oculus Rift operates only with PCs. It includes an Xbox One controller, a sensor, and free copies of Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. Like the PSVR it comes with head tracking and controller tracking.

The HTC Vive on the other hand will retail for $800.00. Unlike the other two, HTC encourages its players to stand up as well as sit down when moving in virtual space. It comes with IR emitters that let you make a wide range of movements. The front-facing camera also gives you the chance to see the real world around you, so you don’t bump into your couch while you maneuver in VR.

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New Minggu ini: Poly Bridge Trainers dan Pokemon Stardew Valley Mods

This Monday, it’s about two hit Steam games and two exciting ways you can play them in new ways.

First up, Poly Bridge. On March 14, 2016, user elDDS shared a new trainer for the game Poly Bridge, and it will deliver unlimited budget and unlimited materials. Poly Bridge is a construction game. You’ll find the summary below:

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy hours of physics-based puzzle solving in the Campaign and then jump in the Sandbox to create your own bridge designs and puzzles!


The trainer is now available for download on and we’ve included the notes on it here below.

Poly Bridge Trainer Notes

This trainer is for game version: Build 0.72b-p1+ STEAM

Pilihan Jurulatih (These must be activated after permainan)


There’s no need to activate the trainer with F1

Option 01: This option will give you a nice budget so that you
can build anything that you want. Make sure that you
spend some money first before activating this option.

Option 02: This option will give you unlimited materials such as
wood, metal, cables, etc. Make sure that you use a
material first before activating this option.

Poly Bridge Trainer Operating Requirements

Nota: Run the trainer as an administrator only.

  • WiNDOWS ViSTA 32/64 BiTS
  • WiNDOWS 7 32/64 BiTS
  • WiNDOWS 8.0 32/64 BiTS
  • WiNDOWS 8.1 32/64 BiTS
  • WiNDOWS 10 32/64 BiTS

This trainer is an update to the Poly Bridge trainer from January 2016, also published on CheatHappens.

On the other side of the things is this new Stardew Valley Mod which lets you populate your game with Pokemon. The mod, appropriately named Pokedew Valley, features Pokemon retextures for your game.


Here’s the complete list of the Stardew Valley characters so far and their Poke counterparts, shared by the group at the Stardew Valley community The links to download the following are also found there.


Dog: Growlithe

Chicken: Torchic

Sheep: Mareep

Cow: Miltank

Horse: Ponyta

Duggy: Diglet

Bat: Zubat

There are also Pokemon hats you can download. The RPG farm-building game Stardew Valley was released in February 2016, so the possibility for even more Pokemon is high, but already the fans have done a great job retexturing the characters for the game. The game is a mega-hit having sold over 420,000 copies and is currently sitting at a 10/10 on Steam. It can be purchased for $14.99 on Steam and currently runs only on Windows 7 or greater. If you like Harvest Moon, you’ll probably love it!

The official game summary is below:

You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won’t be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town’s most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness!

Check in all week to see what other hot game news, game tricks and game mods we share!

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Sims 4 Pack Romantic Garden Stuff Out Now and Free DLC

Love is in the air for the popular life simulation game The Sims, now in its fourth installment. Sims 4 just had a new expansion pack (or “stuff pack”) released and it seems designed to put gamers or their Sims in the mood for love. The Romantic Garden Stuff pack was released last week from EA and Maxis Games, and contains all kinds of romantic DLC for you to enjoy.

Of course, as most Simmers know, the pack doesn’t come free, unlike other DLC, but it does offer a wide assortment of things to enhance your game, and is only $9.99 at Amazon. Buying it will give you an instant code. You can also purchase the game at Origin.

Let’s get into what the Sims stuff pack contains this round, first with the official sales copy:

Build a lush Victorian garden for your Sims to embrace romance and discover a bit of mystery with The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff*. Visit the wishing well to see if your Sims’ deepest desires become reality or dress them in floral fashion to share a playful moment by the water fountain.

Now let’s take a look at the actual things in the Sims 4 pack! There are 19 new CAS items and 32 new build items included in Romantic Garden Stuff.


Whispering Wishing WellOne Simoleon is needed for a wish. Sims can now wish for nine things: wealth, a child, youth, love, happiness and more. The Well will decide your Sims’ fate though, so be wary, because it’s temperamental. Your Sims may get a “bad romance,” which isn’t very fun! Reports say there are 50 results that can come from a wish.

Fountain of Gluteus MaximusLet your Sims have fun in the fountain! There’s some new actions here, like your Sims are now able to throw soap in the fountain or sit in it. Both child and adult Sims are able to play in the fountain, which makes gameplay a bit more fun.

Outfits and HairThere’s a new batch of outfits as well and hairstyles.

GardenTrue to the Sims 4 pack’s name, the new installment comes with plenty of garden stuff. You’ll find the Victorian garden theme throughout the options, with plants, flowers and more.

Once you have the new Sims 4 pack, you can upload images of your own creation in the official Sims 4 gallery. There’s already some great user contributions.

Fun fact! This pack is also to celebrate the 16th anniversary of The Sims! So to note that event, the official The Sims website is giving away some new DLC. They chose items that were representative of the the base games. The DLC are as follows:

  • A Tragic clown painting which includes a “Tragic Clown” Moodlet (The Sims)
  • Grilled cheese aspiration (The Sims 2)
  • Kleptomaniac trait (The Sims 3)
  • NPC character: The Gardener

For long time fans of the game franchise, these new Sims 4 expansions are probably great additions, and best of all, they’re FREE.

You can access these updates now by updating your game.

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Rock Band 4 DLC Update for February 2016

Harmonix, creators of Rock Band 4, has an update this month of new DLC

The following songs are available now for $1.99 each, or a bundle for $8.49.

  • Bruno Mars – “Locked Out of Heaven
  • Bruno Mars – “Treasure
  • Generation X – “Dancing With Myself
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – “I Hate Myself For Loving You
  • J. Geils Band – “Love Stinks
  • masaya matsuura – “speed fighter
  • Orleans – “Still The One



The Rock Band 4 DLC is available for Xbox One and PS4 players. It was previously supposed to be released in January 2016, but was pushed to February, however, the company had to push it back. Yang press release for this announcement promises several other updates:

Instead of it being a “generic February update,” we’re aiming for the first week in February, meaning you’ll get the sweet Psychonauts gear, leaderboard scores posting from Play a Show mode, the audio improvements, the score exploit fixes (plus the leaderboard wipe to make things fair again), and other fun stuff sometime between February 1st and 5th. We’ll also have new DLC for you the that week as well. Stay tuned on 2/1 for the DLC announcement and more.

Along with the February 2016 DLC comes new patches, with Harmonix offering the following:


  • PLAY A SHOW mode scores now post to Leaderboard!
  • Now possible to send Taunts from PLAY A SHOW mode


  • Fixed exploit where drummers could deploy Overdrive twice
  • Fixed exploit where players could artificially increase score by exploiting calibration/breakneck speed
  • Removed exploit known as “Band Overdrive Squeeze,” where players could get a higher score by strategically having a local player fail out to conserve Overdrive Energy


  • Disabled mid-song Freestyle Guitar Solo toggling (which prevents a bunch of issues, like most of the stuff below)
  • Fixed crash that could occur on songs with both Freestyle Guitar Solos and Big Rock Endings
  • Fixed issue where drum streak would break on several songs with Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • Drum fills now exist during certain song sections when Freestyle Guitar Solos are turned on
  • Fixed tempo issues with certain on-disc songs after the first solo
  • Fixed issue where Freestyle Guitar Solos were not forced on during the Freestyle Guitar Solo tutorial
  • Fixed crash that would occur when switching to an authored solo from the Freestyle Guitar Solo on “Suffragette City”


  • Fixed sing-a-long volumes
  • Fixed the center channel panned instruments (usually bass)
  • Boosted the entire game volume
  • Re-built the output structure for a better surround sound experience
  • “High Score” no longer screams at you on the Song Results screen


  • Psychonauts helmet
  • Psychonauts “Whispering Rock” tee
  • SCRUFF baseball hat


  • Fixed issue where filtering to “Nightmare” difficulty songs would jump to “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold (and other similar issues)
  • Fixed crash that occurred from jumping into a song directly from an Activity Feed taunt
  • Fixed crash that occurred when entering Endless Solo Mode if library cursor was previously on a song that didn’t contain a solo
  • Fixed crash that occurred from selecting a locked city in Career Mode
  • Fixed crash that occurred when switching profiles on the “Show Complete” screen
  • Fixes issue where you could send Taunts while in Career mode
  • Fixed camera/animation issues in “Fever”
  • Fixed stupid-looking redundant text in Showcase announcements
  • Fixed issue where some shows called “All Apprentice Songs Set” actually used Moderate tier songs
  • Fixed issue where drummer was “floating” during some animations
  • Fixed issue where the strum bar no longer allowed you to select letters in the Search field
  • Fixed missing green “Continue” icon on “Show Complete” screen in Career mode
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t back out of the “Search” function in the Store
  • Fixed some issues with Activity Feed taunts not updating
  • Fixed missing text in the Freestyle Guitar Solo menu
  • Several localization/translation fixes
  • Overdrive deployment visual effects no longer remain active for entire song if one player fails out while another player has Overdrive deployed



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Wabak Inc: Evolved Versi +5 Jurulatih

+5 jurulatih untuk indie strategi permainan simulasi Wabak Inc: Berkembang. Ia dikeluarkan oleh Danny350, untuk versi permainan (Beta). Pemain mendapatkan beberapa menipu benar-benar sejuk seperti: set titik dna kepada 5000, infectivity set untuk 100, ditetapkan kepada tahap 100, ditetapkan lethality untuk 1000, dan tiada penawar. Baca cerita sepenuhnya

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Versi 1.11.1s +5 Jurulatih

Ini adalah berguna +5 jurulatih untuk permainan simulasi Euro Truck Simulator 2. Ia dikeluarkan oleh Invictus oRCuS, untuk 1.11.1s versi permainan. Pemain boleh menggunakan lima menipu sejuk: tiada kerosakan, bahan api yang tidak terhad, menambah 20.000 wang, membekukan skillpoints, menambah 10.000 pengalaman mata. Baca cerita sepenuhnya

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