This Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Use The Witcher 3 Gear

Fallout 4 players who want to inject a bit of something different into their games can check out the new mod making the rounds. Nexus user Renn has created a Fallout 4 mod that brings in the gear of Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt into the Commonwealth. You can see it in action in the video below.

Want to add it to your own game? Read on for details and the download link. 

This mod brings a new world of gameplay to your Fallout 4 experience, and the quality is amazing.  With the Fallout 4 mod, you’ll receive the following of Geralt’s prologue gear.

These are wearable items, and include The Witch wolf mask, the Vipor Armor, ammo, and the crossbow. The crossbow is modded, so it works as a pistol.


Here are the specs shared by the creator, also available on the mod’s page at NexusMods.

Witcher Geralt’s Vipor Armor and Gloves

  • 2 Colors : Brown / Black
  • 4 Models : No Add-on / Medallion / Crossbow (Accessory) / Medallion + Crossbow (Accessory)
  • Lining, Balistic Weave and Legendary modifications are available.
  • Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix. Each model has various suffixes according to current Add-on mod. (none, Medallion, Crossbow, Medallion C)
  • Armor Slot : Body, Torso (Gloves : L/R Hands)
  • Female outfit models are compatible with CBBE. (Bodyslide is not supported)
  • Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.

Witcher Bolts (Ammo)

  • 2 Models : Steel / Silver
  • Silver bolts need Gun Nut 3 perk for crafting.
  • 200 bolts for every crafting.
  • Can be picked after being fired. (Some may not)
  • Slower but more powerful than 10mm.

Witcher Wolf Mask

  • 3 Versions : Glowing Eyes / Dark Eyes / No Eyes
  • Lining, Balistic Weave and legendary modifications are available.
  • Armor Slot : Eyes (47)
  • Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.

Witcher Crossbow (Weapon)

  • 2 Colors : Cherry Wood Vintage / Ebony Chrome
  • 2 Versions : Basic / Epic
  • Ammo conversions : 10mm, .44, .308, .38, .45, .50, steel bolts, silver bolts. Needs Gun Nut 3 perk for conversion. Each ammo has different speed and damage.
  • 10mm, .44 caliber and bolts are considered as a pistol and affected by Gunslinger perk.
  • .308, .38, .45 and .50 caliber are considered as a rifle and affected by Rifleman perk.
  • Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix and epic verion has ‘Epic’ adjective. Also each crossbow has various adjectives according to current ammo type.
  • Has own bow sounds imported from Skyrim Dawnguard.

Note: Your Pipboy will still be displayed even with the mod. This is some slick work, and will let you combine two of your favorite games into one.

Before going on to add these Fallout 4 game mods featuring The Witcher gear to your game, heed these known issues, shared on NexusMods.

  • Compatible with AWKCR
  • Sometimes in conversation, the Viper Armors or Outfits can be disappear shortly. It might happens when your character is closed to someone or something.
  • Right after updating from 1.0 to later versions, the Viper Armors and Outfits seem naked. They need to be reattached ‘Add-on’ mods at the Armor Workbench.
  • If you cannot find custom modification options in workbenches, check your load order and give LOWER priority to this mod.

That’s it! Enjoy the game mod for Fallout 4 that will add a bit of The Witcher to your sessions!



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  1. Erik Zieter

    I love combining one game with another thanks to mod.

  2. Mack

    Pistol crossbow! Hahaha. I love it.

  3. Whaley

    skyrim sounds? oh come on that’s way too kewl

  4. Shadowmaster

    Effing awesome.

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