Fallout 4 Mod Updates

Fallout debuted its newest installment in the series in November 2015,  and soon gamers will be able to enjoy DLC for their game, with a reported $40 package coming in early 2016.

For now, the game manufacturer, Bethesda, will only answer with “more information coming soon.” Gamers who want to enjoy the paid DLC can purchase a Fallout 4 Season Pass at a number of retailers, and for Steam (PC), PS4 and Xbox One.  The season pass is available for $30, which, if the upcoming DLC price is correct, then that’s quite a deal! Judging from the previous Fallout title’s DLC releases, fans can anticipate seeing 5 DLC paid packages, each offering new quests, achievements, and items for players. Some fans speculate new maps, locations, and side characters could also come along with the paid DLC.

One thing has been made clear from Bethesda: Fallout 4 won’t offer exclusive content limited to one console or another, which means players will be able to enjoy the same DLC no matter what platform they use. This feature makes it more enjoyable for fans.

Fan and Official Mods for Fallout 4 

When is a Fallout 4 modding tool coming for consoles? The answer is unclear. However, a modding tool for the PC will be arriving hopefully in a month or so. According to the official Fallout Twitter, who said, “We’ll be sharing more details soon. Stay tuned,” in response to fans’ queries. While an official modding tool hasn’t arrived, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating a wealth of mods for Fallout 4.

As far as console mods, Xbox One will receive the official mods before they arrive for Playstation 4. It’s unknown how long it will take between each platform option (PC, Xbox and Playstation 4) for mods to be release.  The wait for mod support has been long enough, as Fallout fans have waited since E3 2015, prior to the game even being released, for confirmation and details.

In the waiting for official movement on the mod front, fans have taken to creating insane and creative mods for Fallout 4. Here are two that are buzzing online.


Cirosan, creator of the Full Dialogue interface mod for Fallout 4, recently shared a mod that brings a missing feature back to the game: Traits. Traits were present in the earlier releases of Fallout but the newest installment removed them altogether. Cirosan’s new mod adds Traits and new Perks to the game, letting players add them when they’ve reached the Chemistry Station. No Trait limit means you have endless flexibility. You can find the mod over at the Nexus.


Trainwiz has replaced a number of things in Fallout 4 with none other than Thomas the Tank, the friendly train so many children grew up with. Now Fallout 4’s deathclaws, vertibirds, missiles, and more have been replaced by the familiar blue train – who is now a harbinger of death and despair. Downloaded over 2,000 times since release, this mod is known as Really Useful Fallout.



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