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Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Releases, Plus New January DLC

Players anxious to play the PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight have a new patch for the game, and it should end some of the most frustrating glitches of the game. The PC version for Batman: Arkham Knight was actually pulled off the market on June 24, 2015, with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Suspending Sales. September 2015 saw the release of the company’s first patch, and the game was put up for sale again in October 2015, but Warner Bros. still offered refunds due to the game’s poor performance. While the PC version suffered several bad issues, the PS4 and XBox One editions did quite well. Despite the problems, gamers still embrace the game and likely looked forward to new updates.


In a Steam Community post dated January 19, 2016, Warner Bros. shared news of the new patch. Gamers are urged to update with the patch before the new January DLC content. The patch’s details include the following fixes:

  • Added support for January DLC content
  • Fixed issues with the benchmark map which could occur after installing the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion content
  • Resolved an issue on some notebook PC hardware where the screen flickers on launch. Users will require the latest Nvidia drivers and Microsoft Windows drivers installed.
  • Fixed some keyboard and mouse prompts functioning incorrectly after certain keys had been rebound.
  • Fixed an issue on the in-game store where free DLCs were shown to have a value of “.0”
  • Addressed an issue where rebinding keys could cause quickfire gadget attacks to work incorrectly for Batgirl, Red Hood or Harley Quinn
  • Miscellaneous DLC gameplay fixes and stability improvements

The company also released the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 later that day, and gamers can access it by restarting their Steam client. The challenge pack was developed by game developer Rocksteady Studios after they solicited fan feedback on what elements they’d want from previous Batman games.

Batman: Arkham Knight January 2016 DLC includes several new maps, each with a note about why it was included, and a Batman Incorporated Skin as well. The maps are as follows:


  • Batcave (Batman: Arkham City)
  • Sanatorium, Medical Facility (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
  • Wayne Manor Main Hall (Batman: Arkham City)


  • Crime Alley (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • Iceberg Lounge (Batman: Arkham City)
  • Monarch Theatre (Batman: Arkham City)

The January DLC update is for console versions as well. This will be the final release of DLC content for Batman: Arkham Knight, reports say, so players should download it now!

Information about the new Batman: Arkham Knight Complete Edition leaked recently, with the tidbits taken from the Amazon Germany landing page for the title. The game will reportedly go on sale March 17, 2016, though that could change. It should also include all of DLC released for Batman: Arkham Knight. The game’s description also mentions a Batmobile, new gameplay, and “expansive Gotham City map,” and should be for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Complete Edition also hooks to the Season Pass, some reports say. It’s not clear what and how much exclusive content will come in the Complete Edition version of the game. 



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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – 1.02 Patch

Here is 1.02 patch for one of the most popular football simulation games PES 2013. This patch upgrades the game to 1.02 version. Read the full story

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Far Cry 3 – 1.04 Patch

Here is a 1.04 version patch for open-world first-person action shooter Far Cry 3. Several issues that bothered players are fixed, and some new HUD options are added in the Option menu. Read the full story

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PES 2013 Version 1.02 Patch

Here is a 1.02 patch for original retail version of the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Those few annoying bugs have been fixed, and several other issues. Read the full story

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Far Cry 3 – 1.02 Patch

Here is 1.2 patch for blockbuster game Far Cry 3. This patch enables much smoother game and now player can enjoy it without some annoying bugs. Some other options have also been improved (like team balancing). Read the full story

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Patch #2 for FIFA Manager 12


Second patch for the new FIFA manager is out. It shows many improvements and bug fixes. Read the full story

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Skyrim patches information


Bethesda Softworks announced that they will be devoted to giving postlaunch support for Skyrim on all platforms. Nature and frequency of patches for PC, PS3 and Xbox will be different for every platform. PC players will have to patch and update their game more than console users. Read the full story

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