Here’s How to Find Treasure in Uncharted 4’s First 6 Chapters

Are you ready to find the hidden treasure and collectibles in Uncharted 4? We’re going to show you how and what you’ll find throughout the game.

You won’t find any in the Prologue or Chapter 1, so you can skip ahead.

Chapter 2 is where you’ll find the Panamanian Cat Pendant. You can get it by using Drake to look in the tunnel attached to the bottom of the well. The same chapter also brings the chance to get the Navaja Folding Knife, which you’ll find in a pillar in front of the boarded-up window at the prison tower.

Chapter 3 will give you the Antique Padlock. You’ll find it in between the log and two rocks underwater. Then you’ll go into a narrow area underwater, and see several rock arches.

Swim through the one of the left, and you’ll see the Chiriqui Shark Trinket. Then it’s time to get the Antique Pocketwatch. Follow the wall near the cargo transport box, and when you hit the jutting ledge, here will be the pocketwatch. Finally, let’s get the Antique Arcade Token. It’s on the ship and you’ll find it on the ship’s shelving.


Chapter 4 doesn’t have anything, nor does Chapter 5.

Chapter 6, you can find the Mughal Water Container, by going through the grassy area until you have to jump over to a building. You’ll want to stay left as much as possible, then the container will be on the ground. The Nephrite Brass Cup is going to be where you encounter the first guards- escape them by hanging from a ledge, and when you enter into the area with lemon trees, go the far right. The cup will be on a windowsill and this is the only way you can actually approach it. The Viking Cloak Clasp is the next item you’ll find, and it’s hard to spot. Go into the room behind you after you watch the cutscene. The clasp will be on the desk. Next is the Mother of Pearl Horn, which you’ll find on the balcony after going through a group of people. Finally, the chapter yields the Persian Brown Bronze. You’ll be able to retrieve it after Nadine cutscene is finished, and you’re in store rooms. Go to the room which has the tables that are stacked, and you’ll find it in the corner. Soon after you get that, you’ll need to descend the stairs after the door with the small window it. Look under the stairs and you can find the Brass Barber’s Bowl.

Next is the Syrian Vase. It’s a little more hidden than others, and you’ll need to turn left after you emerge from the vents. Climb down to the lower courtyard area, and walk until you encounter the fire escape ladder, then climb it, followed by the drainpipe, and go to the right. You’ll reach a rooftop and the treasure may be found there.

Chapter 6 has more to retrieve. Next is the Persian Candlestick. Your companion will knock down the ladder, and you’ll need to go left after you climb up. Climb up the entrance way you’ll face, then turn right again, jumping to the nearby railing. There is the treasure.

And that’s how you can find the items in the first six chapters of Uncharted 4.

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