Ori and the Blind Forest Arrives in Retail Edition

Popular single-person platformer game title Ori and the Blind Forest will soon make its way in a new definitive edition in retail stores, according to a new press release. The title expands on the previous incarnation of the game and promises some exciting updates for fans. 

Ori and the Blind Forest: Defintive Edition will be available in a boxed version as a result of a partnership with developers and publisher Microsoft Studios and Moon Studios, as well as distributor Nordic Games. The game will release on next month, June 14, and will be available in two separate editions – Standard Edition and Limited Edition – on the same release day. Fans have been clamoring for a retail edition since the early days of the game, and Nordic Games, as well as Microsoft Studios and Moon Studios, have replied with a boxed version.


Both the editions of the “Definitive Edition” will include the Game DVD, Quickstart Guide and an A3 poster for fans, however, the Limited retail version also features a steelbox case, a soundtrack, 2 postcards and 2 double-sided A3 posters. Xbox One fans can also enjoy Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition on their consoles when it launches on June 14 for $19.99 on Xbox One. The digital code for the Definitive Edition for Xbox One is currently available on retail marketplaces like Amazon. Steam published the game on April 27, 2016, and the game offers full controller support, as well as 15 Steam achievements.

You can expect to find all kinds of new elements added to the game with the arrival of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition for retail. There are now new areas to explore as Ori, the cat-like leaf creature who needs to help the blind forest. Difficulty has been altered to include more options for modes, and you can also have fast travel between areas. Two entirely new environments have been added to give clues to players about Naru’s past, and you’ll have the ability to Dash and Light Burst with the game’s newest abilities. You can also teleport between Spirit Wells to find new hidden areas and cover more of the game’s landscape quicker. 

The Standard Edition will retail for $19.99, while the Limited Edtion will retail for $29.99. The title first launched as a digital game in March 2015 for Windows and Xbox, and quickly picked up a solid fanbase thanks largely in part to its intricate storytelling and beautiful visuals that make you want to keep playing. The game’s creators have spoken about how they were influenced by the visuals of animated classics like The Lion King, and indeed, every frame of the game does achieve their goal, to look like a painting.

The last update prior to this announcement was a 2015 patch for the digital version of the game, but now it’s apparent that the game will live on in a new way. The trailer for the Definition Edition is now available, and you can watch it below.



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  1. DamnGamers

    This game has stunning visuals, and this update is welcome

  2. Games and Chill

    I really love this game and I’m so excited for a retail boxed set!!

  3. ori orly

    10 diff between the two games isn’t bad but i don’t care about posters

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