May’s Hot Steam Early Access Titles

Are you for a new game to take up your time this spring and summer? If you want a new title to play, let’s take a look at some of the Early Access titles available on Steam for the month of May. For those not in the know, titles deemed Early Access means it gives you a chance to be involved with the game’s devleopment as the developers work on the title. You can give feedback on the game, and help the company improve gameplay, features, and bugs of the titles. Here are some of the games available in Early Access right now, with their prices and story.

Starship Corporation – In this scifi simulation game, you are tasked with the goal to design, assemble and test your own space sdhips. Your goal is to create a mega corporation of the galaxy. You can also sell your own spacecrafts, putting them through missions with simulated situations. It’s now available for $19.99, and recently received its first patch.


Slime Rancher – Slime Rancer is a cute Steam game about Beatrix LaBeau, and her experience as she ranches slimes, adorable little gelatinous balls. It’s a first-person sandbox that’s been extremely popular on Steam, and features a world of wriggling slimes all with their own personalities and quirks. It’s now $19.99, and a new Roadmap was released earlier this month.

DayZ – Lovers of zombies, check out DayZ, which may be pricy at $34.99, however, if you like survival games and helping developers perfect their titles, it may be just what you want. It’s an open-world survival MMO where your goal is survive as long as you can.

Parkitect – Parkitect gives you the chance to play as a theme park designer. In the game, you design and manage theme parks, like the classic Rollercoaster Tycoon titles let you do, but this one is more expansive. The game is new to Steam Early Access this week, and has already received a rating of Very Positive. At $17.99, it’s available now and is currently in a sandbox mode only.

Tadpole Treble – Released May 6, 2016, Tadpole Treble is a music-inspired game where you play as Baton, the game’s hero character, a tadpole. It was developed by a popular web comic artist and has 30 original music compositions, 13 levels, and 5 boss battles. The 20% off Early Access Steam title is available for both Windows OS and Mac OSx machines.


Noct – If your budget is a concern, Noct has a 75% off sale for Early Access going on now. The multiplayer game is a 2D survival horror game where you’re the survival of a apocalyptic purge. The game has RPG and arcade elements, which makes it scary at time. It’s been well-received by Polygon and Kotaku.

We hope you enjoy some of these newer Early Access Steam titles. For big fans of gaming, the Early Access program lets you experience games in their early stages, and also be a big part in making the experience enjoyable for all who play it. Leave the game in Early Access title you’ve most excited for in the comments! 

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  1. Huna

    Tadpole game is so fun. The music is adorable and powerful.

  2. Epic

    NOTC is one of the scariest games i’ve played ever.

  3. Robin

    Nice selection of games. I think I’ll get DayZ.

  4. Nada

    It sounds cheesy but slime rancher is ***so*** much fun.

  5. Kmkh1056

    Noct is seriously seriously screwed up.

  6. Jon Snow LIVES

    Boring boring boring all of these

  7. Spike

    Parkitecht is in early development and is blowing me away compared to RT titles.

  8. great. love steam.

  9. this is the best. grab that 75

  10. Day Z is the bomb.

  11. High rec Early Access. It’s super fun

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