Civilization VI Announced, Now on Pre-Order

Get ready to prepared for the new Civilization game. Fans were stunned when the new title was announced by 2K and Firaxis Games. The new title will be called Civilization VI and will arrive October 21. Civilization VI is now available for pre-order for $59.99 on Steam. The new sequel promises to retain some of the old features and bring in several ones.

Speaking to Game Informer, the game’s lead designer Ed Beach shared what players can expect. The game “builds off a lot of the design that Civ V finished with,” but then he added that the rest of the game was done from scratch.


The Steam pre-order page shares some of what you can expect in the latest Civilization title. The cities can now expand across the map, letting you expand your play. You’ll also be able to create custom-built cities to best fit the terrain. The focus is still on history, and research will let you unlocks boosts that will speed up the civilization progress, while each leader adheres to their historical traits as you compete. As you interact with other civilizations, the course of the game changes based on the relationships you forge form first contract to negotiations and more. This dynamic diplomacy adds to the excitement of the game, drawing you in with every city you build, as you try to win. The unit system has been updated, letting you now embed your support units with other units, adn even form Corps units. To make the game more fun and expansive, as well as intricate, you’ll also be able to take advantage of new enhanced multiplayer settings. For new players or old hands, Civilization VI is easy to play, with included tutorials to give you instruction if needed. To keep the game varied, the civilization leaders will also gain support traits that will alter the game.


Civilization is a turn-based 4X game engineered and designed by master game designer Sid Meier in 1991 for DOS Machines, and spawned eight sequels. The game was ranked by GameSpot was one of the Most Influential Games of All Time. The most recent Civilization title was released in 2015, and was an expansion pack for Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide.

Beach has said that the focus will be on breaking the patterns that gamers tend to fall into when playing the old Civilization titles, and the developers hope this new title will reinvigorate how players play. We’ve come a long way since the original Civilization games which were just squares with minimal animation! Our first look at the historical aspect of the game is below. Here, as you can see in the video below, the emphasis is really on the history aspect of the game. The game footage stills are what really reveal the intricacies of Civilization VI, and you can see them below. Here the buildings are actually placed on the map itself.

Civilization VI will arrive on Windows first, though planned ports are underway for Mac OS and Linux systems. We expect to see and hear more about the title at E3, the Consumer Electronics Show, this June.




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