Watch Dogs Version 1.01 Steam +26 Trainer

+26 trainer update for open-world action adventure game Watch Dogs. This update is released by LinGon, who added some options and fixed some hotkey issues for his 1.01 Steam game version trainer. You get to use whole bunch of really useful in-game cheats.


Trainer features:

Home Key – Enable Trainer
F1 – Infinite Health
F2 – Infinite Focus
F3 – Infinite Batteries
F4 – Infinite Ammo
F5 – No Reload
F6 – Add Cash/Money
F7 – Add Skill Points
F8 – Increase Experience
F9 – Add Levels
F10 – Max Reputation
F11 – Infinite Spider Tank Energy
Insert Key – One Hit Kill
End Key – No Radar Detection
Delete Key – Low Detection Level
Page Up – Mega Mode
Page Down – Mini Mode
Ctrl+I – No Mission Detection
Ctrl+H – Super Speed
Ctrl+J – Vehicle Health
Ctrl+K – Digital Trip Timer
Ctrl+L – Mini Side Game Timer
Ctrl+Up – Store Location
Ctrl+Right – Teleport
Ctrl+Left – Undo Teleportation
P Key – Teleport To Waypoint
O Key – Undo Waypoint


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