Sleeping Dogs Version 1.9.434324 Steam + 20 Trainer

+ 20 trainer update for open-world action adventure game Sleeping Dogs is here. LinGon updated his trainer for this game, which works with 1.9.434324 Steam version of this game. Player get plenty of useful cheats like: super health, infinite money, super speed, super damage, bullet time, infinite ammo, no detection, hard mode, teleporter, waypoint travel, level points edit and other.


Trainer features:

F1 – Super Health
F2 – Set Max Stamina
F3 – Infinite Money
F4 – Super Speed
F5 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill
F6 – Bullet Time
F7 – Time Elapse Alteration
F8 – Infinite Ammo
F9 – No Detection
F10 – Reset Detection
Num 1 – Hard Mode
Num 2 – Harder Mode
Num 3 – Extreme Mode
Num 7 – Set Cop Level Points
Num 8 – Set Triad Level Points
Num 9 – Set Melee Level Points
Num 0 – Set Face Level Points
Page Up/Prior Key – Instant Waypoint travel
Page Down/Next Key – Restore From Waypoint
Num 4 – Store Location
Num 5 – Teleport
Num 6 – Undo Teleportation



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  1. Guitarrrr

    This trainer does not work for me. Before this recent update, the 1.8 trainer did not work either. Something wrong with the coding I think.. But it just doesn’t respond when I try the Home key to activate it like it says in the info document.

    • It works for me. Do you have the orginal version? Really don’t know what the problem can be…

  2. MaJik

    Does not work for me.

    Press home button and nothing

    Windows 8 64-bit & original game from Steam

    • I am not the maker of the trainer. It is possible that they don’t work sometimes. Have the older versions of this trainer worked for you?

  3. Snake In Boot

    Game updated shortly after new year. No longer working for most recent steam update.

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