Grand Theft Auto V – Cheats

Here are some useful cheats for open-world action adventure game Grand Theft Auto V. These cheats will surely make gameplay easier, but you will not be able to earn achievements while using them.

List of cheats:

Slippery cars – [Y], [RB]x2, [Left], [RB], [LB], [RT], [LB].
Slow-motion mode – [Y], [Left], [Right]x2, [X], [RT], [RB].
Slow-motion aiming – [X], [LT], [RB], [Y], [Left], [X], [LT], [Right], [A].
Increase wanted level – [RB]x2, [B], [RT], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right].
Decrease wanted level – [RB]x2, [B], [RT], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left].
Explosive melee attacks – [Right], [Left], [A], [Y], [RB], [B]x3, [LT].
Explosive bullets – [Right], [X], [A], [Left], [RB], [RT], [Left], [Right]x2, [LB]x3.
Drunk mode – [Y], [Right]x2, [Left], [Right], [X], [B], [Left].
Faster running – [Y], [Left], [Right]x2, [LT], [LB], [X].
Recharge ability instantly – [A]x2, [X], [RB], [LB], [A], [Right], [Left], [A].
Change weather – [RT], [A], [LB]x2, [LT]x3, [X].
Buzzard attack helicopter – [B]x2, [LB], [B]x3, [LB], [LT], [RB], [Y], [B], [Y].
Comet – [RB], [B], [RT], [Right], [LB], [LT], [A]x2, [X], [RB].
Duster – [Right], [Left], [RB]x3, [Left], [Y]x2, [A], [B], [LB]x2.
Trashmaster – [B], [RB], [B], [RB], [Left]x2, [RB], [LB], [B], [Right].
Stunt Plane – [B], [Right], [LB], [LT], [Left], [RB], [LB]x2, [Left]x2, [A], [Y].
Sanchez – [B], [A], [LB], [B]x2, [LB], [B], [RB], [RT], [LT], [LB]x2.
Caddy – [B], [LB], [Left], [RB], [LT], [A], [RB], [LB], [B], [A].
Limo – [RT], [Right], [LT], [Left], [Left], [RB], [LB], [B], [Right].
Rapid – [LT], [RT], [LB], [B], [Right], [LB], [RB], [Right], [Left], [B], [RT].
Parachute – [Left], [Right], [LB], [LT], [RB], [RT]x2, [Left]x2, [Right], [LB].

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