Five Games to Play on Oculus Rift Right Now

The reviews are mostly in and they are generally really positive. But the only way to really figure out if the Oculus Rift is a hit is for people to start gaming with it. Those of you who want to start with Oculus Rift need to make sure your PC or gaming device has the graphic device to withstand the boundary-breaking needs that virtual reality demands. With that said, let’s take a look at the best Oculus Rift games on the market right now.

Pinball FX2


No, this is not a joke. However, I did think it would be amusing to suggest that you use the very evolved Oculus Rift to play a game grounded in early 20th century technology. The obvious question – why would you want to do this – is answered pretty quickly. It makes you feel as if you are simultaneously living in 1950 and in 2020. You enter a beachside room filled with classic pinball games. You can use your Xbox One controller to play either Epic Quest, Secrets of the Deep or Mars. The result is satisfying. You look over at the gorgeous view from the window and feel just like you’re inside of a super-hip arcade.



Darknet is an old VR game and this is truly its best effort since the technology has caught up with the game. Darknet asks you to go get data nodes by solving clever puzzles. Using the information you glean, you must design an entire computer system before the Man catches up with you. The Oculus Rift version is much better than the Gear VR version, partly due to the Rift’s positional tracking camera.



Adrift is a gorgeous showcase for VR. The first-person narrative game drops you in the middle of a downed space station, where you will struggle to deal with the zero-sum game of zero gravity. Any little movement one way or the other can destroy you, destroy your ship or make you a hero. Oh and don’t forget to keep a close eye on your oxygen tank. It will also be released in non-VR versions.

EVE: Valkyrie


One of the games that comes pre-packaged with Oculus Rift is EVE: Valkyrie, a dogfighter space sim that would certainly be worth a buy all on its own. Valkyrie was developed exclusively for VR, and it shows in the game play, as you easily move your head to pan all the way around the cockpit windows while manning a bunch of guns. This experience could easily lead to a revival of the fight-sim genre.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party game you should play with other people. The concept is: you are stuck in a room with a bomb which you do not know how to defuse. As the seconds tick down, there is only one place you can turn for help: to another person in the room who is NOT wearing a VR headset, who needs to read an instruction manual to help you out. This game is fun and requires a good deal of brain power. You’ll be amazed how different it feels to play this kind of game when you think you are actually inside a bomb-rigged room, trying not to die.

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  1. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on OR to see how it works. That sticker price is killing me though.

  2. Adrift looks fascinating and so does DarkNet.

  3. Eve Valyrie is going to be epic. This is the future. I know we’ve been waiting for VR for awhile now but there’s no turning back. The developers of these games are all in.

  4. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is innovative. It’ll take some time to learn but what a killer party game that would be.

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