Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Version 1.4 Steam +20 Trainer (Update 08-07-2013)

Here is a cool +20 trainer for stealth action game Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC. LinGon created this trainer, for 1.4 retail/Steam version of the game.  Cheats you get to use with this trainer will show themselves very useful.


Trainer features:

Home Key – Enable Trainer
F1 – Super Health
F2 – Infinite Air
F3 – Infinite Mana
F4 – Infinite Ammo
F6 – No Reload
F7 – Set 99999999 Coins
F8 – Set 999 Elixirs/Health Potions
F10 – Infinite Runes
Number 0 – Freeze Gravity Movement
Insert Key – Super Range
Page Up/Prior Key – Super Jump (Lite)
Page Down/Next Key – Super Jump (Boosted)
End Key – Super Speed
Home Key – Super Stealth
Ctrl+0 – One Hit Kill
Ctrl+B – Bullet Time
Ctrl+Up Key – Infinite Bend Time
Ctrl+Down Key – Infinite Dark Vision
Num 0 – Store Location
Num 2 – Teleport
Num 3 – Undo Teleportation


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