Subway Surfers +4 Trainer

Here is a +4 trainer for action game Subway Surfers. It’s released by Amavasya. You get four cool cheats: 999.999 coins, 999 hoverboards, 999 headstart 250, 999 headstart 1000.

Trainer features:

1 – 999.999 Coins
2 – 999 Hoverboards
3 – 999 Headstart 250
4 – 999 Headstart 1000


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  1. amadeus

    Gametrone, can you post trainer for android version of this game?
    Thank you

    • We can’t. This is the only version of this trainer.

      • Prasanna Kumar

        Hey It’s me owner of this trainer , U can use my mediafire link or softpedia link too.Anyway thanks for giving me credit .

      • adi

        please tell how does it work

        • Adi, you need to start the trainer first, and then start the game. When the game is running you simply use the given hotkeys. I don’t know do you need to use numpad number keys or regular ones for this trainer, you need to check it out yourself.

          I hope this helps.

          Best regards!

  2. hammam

    like this

  3. islam

    where the links

    • There is a DOWNLOAD HERE link in the bottom of the post. 🙂

  4. gokul

    but this trainer is not working on me

  5. Thank You

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