Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Free DLC Plus Achivements

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 arrived and earlier this month, PopCop released the first set of DLC updates for the game. The free Graveyard Variety Pack made some crucial changes to gameplay including fixing annoying bugs, a new map and more. Let’s break down what you can expect to see in the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 update.


The character of Rose has been completely revamped with developers transforming her back into a support role. These updates mean that she has reduced health, and has had changes added to her homing abilities. You, as the player, will need to lead the target for her to have a successful hit. The variants of fire and ice also were slowed down. A few more updates for Rose came as well:

  • Slightly reduced rate of fire for Magic Thistles
  • Significantly reduced length a victim is trapped in Time Snare
  • Changed how Goatify ability works so that damage does not break Goatify, creating a more predictable and less jarring experience and lowered time as a goat

Other characters in the Plants vs. Zombies game got an update as well. Corn received an increase in health and also an improvement in his long range damage. He’s now an able fighter.  Captain Deadbeard had some speed improvements made, and some damage reductions were made to Captain Partyman.  Super Brainz had some slight cooldown reduction, and the decay was removed from the Toxic Brainz legendary meter. Imps’ tuning received an update, with a weapon improvement so he has a better chance of survival.

The other updates:

  • Reduced length of round timer between rounds in Multiplayer matches
  • Imp now properly earns XP when in Mech
  • Players can now see other players’ Backyard customizations when visiting their Backyard
  • Players can now see stats on other players stats boards when visiting their Backyard
  • Improved audio for garlic drone primary weapon
  • Setting HUD to “Light” now also hides XP Meter
  • Major improvements to hit reaction “flinching” animations
  • A plethora of quality & bug fixes
  • Added new co-op/team vanquish map “Aqua Center” which may seem familiar, yet completely different!
  • Added night version of the Great White North map to the Turf Takeover Playlist
  • Added Hide n’ Find missions to Backyard Battleground
  • Added Bot & Pot Missions to Backyard Battleground
  • Added unique character variant images to group HUD
  • World Options now shows all friends playing the game, not just the joinable ones
  • Added classic setting in options to change primary fire button (PS4 Only)
  • Added Aim Sensitivity slider to now allow more precise control over aim speed (for PC this is broken up into both mouse and gamepad sensitivity)
  • Added ability to select between hold button to aim or toggle button to Aim
  • Added kick player option to the in-game scoreboard for easy access (player hosted modes only)
  • Added difficulty to Pause Menu for some game modes
  • Game Now defaults to common chat in Private Matches
  • Added ability to view scoreboard while vanquished

The new map, Aqua Center, is a zombie version of the Caroline’s Garden Centre, and is a home for zombie fish and water-themed zombie weaponry.

The other update for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a plethora of achievements shared by MegaGames.

  • Always IMProvising – Apply a weapon skin to a Zombie’s weapon. – 10
  • Aww Shucks! – As Kernel Corn, vanquish 25 Zombies with the Shuck Shot. – 10
  • Behind Enemy Vines – Enter the Plant Stats room as a Zombie. – 10
  • Catching Waves – Complete 100 waves in Ops. – 50
  • Corn Identity – Enter the Zombie Stats room as a Plant. – 10
  • Curseproof (secret) – Complete ‘Pirate’s Curse’ – 10
  • Gnome Man’s Land – Enter the Chamber of Gnomes. – 25
  • Gnomore! – Find all hidden Garden Gnomes. – 25
  • Goat Any Last Words? – As a Goat, vanquish a Plant. – 10
  • Goatmeal – As the Chomper, swallow a Goat. – 10
  • Got Golden (secret) – Complete ‘Gold Rush’. – 10
  • Gramma Z Says… – Vanquish 5000 Plants. – 25
  • Hawkguy – Earn a S-Rank in the Crazy Target Range. – 10
  • Her Majesty (secret) – Complete ‘Well That Escalated Quickly’ – 10
  • Hero to Zero – Vanquish an opponent using a Potted Plant or Zombot Turret – 10
  • Insanity – Complete an Ops game on CRRRRRAAAZY Difficulty. – 50
  • It’s My Island – Reach the boss wave using the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground. – 50
  • Just Peachy! – Stun 50 Z-Mechs using Citron’s EMPeach. – 10
  • Just Sprouted (secret) – Complete ‘Boom the Tombs’ – 5
  • King of Autumn (secret) – Defeat Red Gnome King – 25
  • King of Spring (secret) – Defeat Green Gnome King – 25
  • King of Summer (secret) – Defeat Yellow Gnome King – 25
  • King of Winter (secret) – Defeat Blue Gnome King – 25
  • Lawn Care (secret) – Customize your Backyard with an Epic Item. – 25
  • Mango Tango (secret) – Complete ‘Showdown’ – 10
  • My Favourite Z-Mech on the Citadel – As a Plant, vanquish the Z7 Imp. – 5
  • My Place or Yours – Vanquish 25 Plants with the Scurvy Scattershot, and 25 Plants with the Spyglass Shot. – 10
  • Not the Boss of Me – Defeat 3 Super Boss Waves in Ops. – 25
  • On the Cob (secret) – Complete ‘Zero Bark Thirty’ – 5
  • Playdate – Visit a friend’s Backyard Battleground, or have a friend visit your Backyard Battleground. – 5
  • Prance vs Samba – Gesture immediately after vanquishing a player. – 5
  • Really Epic! – Complete 10 Epic Quests. – 10
  • RGBY (secret) – Vanquish Gnomus, the Gnome King! – 100
  • Rinsed ‘Em – Vanquish 5000 Zombies. – 25
  • Simply Super – As Super Brainz, vanquish 25 Plants with Heroic Fists, and 25 Plants with the Heroic Beam. – 10
  • Skinchanger – In solo ops, swap to another character. – 10
  • Specialist – Promote a character for the first time. – 10
  • Star Crazy – Spend your first star. – 25
  • Stomp the Yard – Vanquish 50 Plants with the Z-Mech’s Robo Stomp. – 10
  • String Theory (secret) – Enter Infinity as a Zombie. – 25
  • The Bean Situation (secret) – Complete ‘The Bean Situation’. – 10
  • The Boss is Watching – Max out your XP Multiplier on the quest board. – 25
  • Time to Go Outside – Promote a single character 5 times. – 100
  • VIPs Only! – Play a private match with your own custom rules. – 5
  • Warp Tour (secret) – Complete ‘Steve-cation’. – 10
  • West Indian Lilac (secret) – Enter Infinity as a Plant. – 25
  • What a Trip (secret) – Complete ‘Goin’ for a Trip’ – 10
  • What’s the Catch? (secret) – Train with the Mysterious Fish. – 25
  • Who Can You Trust? – Vanquish a friend in their Backyard Battleground. – 5
  • You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me! – As Rose, Goatify 100 Zombies. – 10
  • Yuck! (secret) – Complete ‘Yuck!’. – 10


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  1. Garden Warfare is a huge upgrade.

  2. This Plants v. Zombies hasn’t been all that tight yet. I am about to give up on it altogether.

  3. This looks like a walloping good time. Which is what the game is known for after all.

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