Far Cry 3 – 1.02 Patch

Here is 1.2 patch for blockbuster game Far Cry 3. This patch enables much smoother game and now player can enjoy it without some annoying bugs. Some other options have also been improved (like team balancing).

Patch features:

– Fixed some issues with user created maps when more than 8 players were playing them.
– Improved matchmaking for both Multiplayer and Co-op modes.
– Improved team balancing when playing in party.
– Fixed issues with Live balancing patch system.

Map Editor:
– Fix for the Map Editor crash at launch when the PC user contains language-specific characters.

Single Player:
– Fixed issue where players fall through the world when not connected to the Ubisoft servers.
– Fixed the “View Leaderboard” and “Start Trial” buttons in the World Map.
– Improved stability when quitting to desktop.
– Fixed issue with leaderboards.


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