Broforce +5 Trainer (Update 03-07-2014)

This is a +5 trainer update for indie action game Broforce. Trainer is released by LinGon, for 03-07-2014 update of this game. Players get to use five great cheats: super health, infinite lifes/retries, infinite explosives, super speed, super jump.


Trainer features:

Home Key – Enable Trainer
F8 – Super Health
F9 – Infinite Lifes/Retries
F10 – Infinite Explosives
Page Up – Super Speed
Page Down – Super Jump


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  1. Taking the oviverew, this post is first class

  2. forrest_gamer_man

    never heard of this game before ur post. had to go look it up because from the screenshots it looks cool. will play a bit then use the trainer.

  3. Jamie

    BROFORCE and INFINITE LIVES. My wife is going to hate me. I keep playing XD.

  4. Clara

    I’m not a bro, lol, but I think this game is definitely great and I appreciate the trainer link. I hate looking for them on sketchy sites so this helps me cut down the search!

  5. Kevan

    Pretty great trainer, thnx

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