Big Valentine’s Day DLC Update for GTA 5, Plus New Rumors of GTA 6

After weeks of hints, the Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC for Valentine’s Day is here. Rockstar Games has launched a new Adversary Mode for Grand Theft Auto Online. The mode is called “Til Death We Part” and is described below.

“Up to four pairs of star-crossed lovers can take part. Each couple shares one life, and if the player dies, their suviving partner takes their own life in a dramatic fashion. Staying close to your partner will give you Health regeneration, so you have the incentive to stay cozy together.


Four locations are available in the new Adversary Mode; you can access them via the Adversary Mode section or use a Featured Playlist when on the GTA 5 launch screen.

With this comes a new event as well: The Be My Valentine Event. The event started Sunday, Valentine’s Day and goes through till Thursday, February 18, with some good bonuses:

Earn Double GTA$ and RP when you play in the new Adversary Mode

Unlock a Firework Launcher and Fireworks when you complete the entire playlist in Adversary Mode

Double RP bonuses

50% off All SMG Ammo all week long

Free Admission to the Movies (Tivoli Cinema, The Ten Cent and Oriental Theaters)

Free Admission to Select Rides

The GTA 5 DLC update also includes:




​Available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport, this updated take on the classic Roosevelt has a range of exciting modifications available to apply at Los Santos Customs. The original Albany Roosevelt also returns for those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a more vintage style


Several new clothing items have also been added for both males and females at clothing stores across town – including new Suits, Vests, Dresses, Bustiers, Boxer Shorts, Stockings and more. All the previous Valentine’s Day clothes and masks will also be restocked, and the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun also returns to the shelves at Ammu-Nation.

What’s more is that all of the content from the previous Valentine’s Day update GTA arrived as well including being available PS4, Xbox One and PC for the first time. These include the following:

Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun

The Albany Roosevelt ride

and 10 new jobs:

Shotgun Wedding  (Team Deathmatch)

Property Values ((Deathmatch)

Creek” (Parachuting)

Vinewood Tours” (Race):

“Motorboating” (Sea Race)

“Heart Breaker” (Bike Race)

This isn’t the only big GTA update either, as GTA Liberty City Stories just arrived on Android last week but already gamers want more. Rumors are swirling about the release of GTA 6.  Here are the latest rumors, courtesy of multiple game news outlet. Remember! They’re only rumors.

  • The game should be released in 2018, yet some reports are possibly putting the release at 2020
  • GTA 6 will release on Playstation 5 and Xbox Two
  • The game will include a bigger map
  • Teleportation may be part of GTA 6
  • New characters may include a female playable character

Whatever the game has, it should be memorable. GTA 5 was delayed mostly because of Rockstar Games developing continual streams of content for GTA 5, and Leslie Benzes, head of Rockstar Games, recently left. Stay tuned for more updates.





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  1. TitustheMightus

    Kewl stuff. I want GTA 6 now though.

  2. Camaro Boy

    This was one of the best updates they’ve had for the holiday even if my friend died!

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